Vitamin B Deficiency

An insufficient supply of vitamin B may cause vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B has 8 different forms – thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, biotin and pantothenic acid and lack of supply in any of these 8 types may lead to vitamin B deficiency problem. Vitamin B plays a major role in human body development and proper functioning, thus vitamin B deficiency may cause a serious problem in an individual’s life.

Vitamin B complex is a water soluble substance vital to many bodily functioning, blood formation and cell formation. Most commonly vitamin B deficiency occurs as a result of deficiencies in thiamin or B1, riboflavin or B2, ninacin, pyridoxine or B6 and cobalamin B12. Vitamin B deficiency for thiamin may result from limited supply of dietary intake of thiamin. In addition, thiamin deficiency may result from moderate level of alcohol consumption, chronic diarrhea problem or emergency requirement during pregnancy days. Both pregnant and lactating mothers may suffer from thiamin deficiency.

Riboflavin deficiency develops when the diet lacks sufficient supply of milk, fish, meat, green and leafy vegetables, and legumes. Chronic diarrhea and alcoholism may cause riboflavin deficiency. If milk is exposed to sunlight or if legumes are treated with baking soda, then riboflavin deficiency may occur. Pyridoxine deficiency develops as a result of autoclaving of infant’s formula, which causes destruction of pyridoxine. Cobalamin or vitamin B12 deficiency develops as a result of absence of intrinsic factors in either gastrointestinal secretions or receptor sites following an ileal resection.

Apart from all these factors, vitamin B deficiency may develop as a result of malabsorption syndromes linked with sprue, local ileitis, intestinal worm or gluten enteropathy. People having a diet low in animal protein for a prolonged period of time may also develop a vitamin B deficiency problem.

Depending on the type of the vitamin B deficiency, a wide variety of signs and symptoms may appear including Wernicke’s encephalopathy and Korsakoff’s psychosis, infantile beriberi, edema, cheilosis, seborrheic dermatitis, anorexia, headache, muscle weakness, indigestion, dermatitis, vomiting, abdominal pain, seizures and many others. Appropriate supply of dietary intake can correct and prevent this vitamin deficiency problem.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 is vital for normal functioning of the human body system. If left untreated, vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to macrocytic anemia, which is a condition featured by larger red blood corpuscles and a reduced ability to transport oxygen to different blood cells. This is because the patients become so anemic, they tend to be light headed, exhausted and tend to have shortness of breath. In some cases, vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to neuropathy problem at different degree.

Elderly people are at higher risk for developing vitamin B12 deficiency, which results in anemia. This occurs mainly due to the fact that elderly people usually eat food that does not contain sufficient amounts of vitamin B12. Vegan and Vegetarian people face this problem, because vitamin B12 is mostly found in animal origin such as liver, eggs, meat, fish and milk. Exclusively breastfeeding infants may suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency problem, if the mother is strictly vegetarian. People suffering from Crohn’s disease may also suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency problem.

Signs and Symptoms

If someone suffers from vitamin B12 deficiency anemia, the first thing that is noticable is that the person will suffer from extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and dizziness. Irritated and reddish tongue, declined sense of taste, altered or diminished sense of touch, diminished sense of vibration, etc. It may be possible that the person does not develop anemia, or in such a case, he or she may develop nerve disorder or nerve damage. This is quite prevalent among senior citizens. The common symptoms are – affected legs, tingling sensation in feet and hands, muscle weakness, difficulty in movement.


Eating the same type of diet all the time may aggravate the situation. So it is highly recommended to eat a varied diet. In most of the cases, vegans and vegetarians suffer more than non-vegetarians, since fish, livers and eggs are the primary sources of vitamin B12 that is because animal origin is the primary source of vitamin B12, it is important for vegans and vegetarians to take vitamin B12 supplements in order to avoid vitamin B12 deficiency problem.

A Vitamin B12 deficiency problem can be supplemented with the help of oral medicines. Vitamin B12 supplements are available in many different forms.

Vitamin A Deficiency

One of the major causes of preventable blindness in developing countries is vitamin A deficiency. It is a fat soluble vitamin found in egg yolks, fish liver oils, cream and butter, yellow and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin A deficiency is primarily caused by malnutrition. However, there are many other different reasons for occurring vitamin A deficiency as listed here – celiac disease – an inability to tolerate wheat protein; cystic fibrosis; duodenal bypass; obstruction occurred in the bile ducts area; cirrhosis; sprue – a condition when vitamins are not absorbed; and many others.

Signs and Symptoms

According to World Health Organization, vitamin A deficiency leads to various types of ocular problems such as night blindness, conjunctival xerosis, Bitot’s spot, corneal xerosis, keratomalacia and corneal scarring. Each of them has different signs and symptoms depending on the types of the disease. For example, night blindness, as its name suggests, leads to involuntary blindness during evening and night time. On the other hand, Bitot’s spot appears on the conjunctiva area.

Vitamin A deficiency does not only lead to eye problem, but there are some other signs and symptoms of vitamin A deficiency as well. Vitamin A deficiency may lead to frequent infections including diarrhea, malaria, and measles. In addition, it may cause stunted growth, malnutrition, anemia, toad skin, etc.


The treatment of vitamin A deficiency must include treatment of the underlying causes and not the mere symptoms only. Administration of oral vitamin is necessary. If the patient has a vomiting tendency, it is important to provide water-miscible vitamin A or intra-muscular injection. If keteromalacia occurs, surgical intervention is necessary.

Precautionary Measures

Although the signs and symptoms of vitamin A deficiency are terrifying, it is an easily preventable disorder. There are precautionary measures that one can take to avoid such problems. These are – taking oral vitamin A, malnutrition treatment, eating vitamin A rich foods, treating associated disorders, diagnostic screening of siblings and children having the onset of the vitamin A deficiency disease, administering vitamin A to breastfeeding women.

Teeth Whitening and Hydrogen Peroxide

It is understood that many people desire whiter teeth. This is because they want to get better smiles and they want to feel more confident. A smile can attract people and it brings out the best out of people. However, many individuals do not smile because they do not feel that their teeth are worth showing, especially in a society in beauty has been categorized and labeled. The concept of beauty nowadays has become in ingrained in the head instead of being spontaneous.

One of the most popular ways of getting whiter teeth is through the use of hydrogen peroxide. However, a lot of people do not even ask what it is and to what extent it can be used in bleaching teeth. So many people made the mistake of buying hydrogen peroxide for home use and abusing the recommended dosage that ended up in serious burns in the mouth.

Hydrogen peroxide is used in several ways, one of which is through a mouthpiece. This is similar to a mouthpiece worn by boxers in the ring during a fight. The difference is that this is worn for several hours, especially during sleep, and this mouthpiece is concentrated with hydrogen peroxide. The other method is to apply hydrogen peroxide solution directly to the teeth. However, caution should be practiced and it is not really recommended that this is done at home without the supervision of a dentist. A Melbourne dentist would know best if the treatment is enough or what dosage should be used to avoid complications.

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent. It is found in many toothpastes and teeth whitening products. The most common function of hydrogen peroxide, other than teeth whitening, is that it is used to bleach papers during manufacturing. If it is of any use, hydrogen peroxide is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen.

People who are looking forward to using hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for teeth whitening Abu Dhabi should know that there are also harmful side effects. Remember that hydrogen peroxide is also a chemical. Any misuse or abuse can lead to damage instead of the desired result. Some hydrogen peroxide products are used in cleaning contact lenses. There have been recorded incidents in which this medication resulted to irritated eyes.

This does not end in the eyes. Swallowing hydrogen peroxide in large quantities is proved fatal. This can also lead to buns in the soft tissues in the mouth. Other than that, the stomach and intestines may also be damaged. One solution to his is to keep the dilution high. If hydrogen peroxide is diluted in water, with water higher in mixture or content, it is less likely to cause any damages to the skin, mouth, eyes, intestine, and stomach

It was also noted in a study that hydrogen peroxide can cause cancer. This is because hydrogen peroxide is an agent that affects the multiplication of cancer cells in the body. So users must be aware of this especially those who already have cancer cells present in their body.

Welcome to the Hypertension Advice Guide

The other name for high blood pressure is hypertension. In short it is also known as HPN or HTN. This is a chronic medical condition which is marked by the blood pressure always being elevated. In men hypertension is usually construed as arterial hypertension. You can classify hypertension into two categories – secondary and primary or essential.

Essential/primary hypertension

In this particular medical condition there is no specific cause which can properly explain the condition of a patient.

Secondary hypertension

In this particular type of hypertension, another medical condition or disease like tumors or kidney diseases lead to the secondary hypertension later on. That means, other kinds of diseases result in or create high blood pressure.

Did you know why persistent hypertension is so dangerous?

That is because among other things, chronic renal failure, arterial aneurysm, heart failure, heart attacks, strokes etc are caused by hypertension. It also cuts short the expectancy of life, even if the arterial blood pressure is only moderately elevated.

In extremely severe cases of high blood pressure, where the blood pressure has risen to an abnormal high, in at least 50% of the cases or even more than that, the expectancy of life is reduced to a mere few years. The duration of life can be lengthened and perhaps the condition can be reversed if appropriate treatment can be started in time.

Causes of hypertension – primary hypertension

Unfortunately, no specific cause or reason has been found that can result in hypertension. But of course, doctors and researchers have isolated several contributing factors such as age, genetics, insulin resistance, rennin homeostasis, salt sensitivity, consumption of Liquorice, sleep apnea and obesity.

Causes of hypertension – secondary hypertension

In this case there are specific causes, but those can be identified in only a handful of cases where elevated arterial pressure has been reported. In almost 95% to 90% of the cases, no specific cause can be identified, according to the American Heart Association.

In the rest of the cases comprising of only 10% to 5%, the underlying cause is probably a renal defect or an endocrine defect. If this can be rectified, blood pressure will return to normal.

Welcome to the Hair Loss Advice Guide

Nearly six out of ten men have the problem of hair loss. Every person can have this problem irrespective of age and sex. Generally when hair falls out the hair follicle in the scalp remains in an inactive phase for some months. After that the hair re-grows and fills the follicle. But in some people, after hair falls it doesn’t re-grow giving rise to hair loss and finally baldness. Hair loss is mostly seen in men, but can also affect women. There are several causes of hair loss.

Hormones are mostly the reason for hair loss. In men the reason for baldness is generally due to abnormal secretion of thyroid gland hormones. Abnormal androgen and estrogen levels cause hair loss in both sexes. Generally these causes are treated with steroid or hormone injections.

Hair loss takes place mainly due to stress and mental tensions. Hair loss in men is generally hereditary and generally leads to baldness. Hair can be regained again with proper medication and surgery. Baldness doesn’t occur at the first stage itself. At first the hair becomes thin, stops growing and after that leads to baldness.

Many medical aids can also lead to hair loss. Many medicines have side effects. Anticoagulants, chemotherapy can lead to hair loss. Too much of vitamin A medicine consumption or anti depressant medicines can also lead to hair loss.

Illness, diseases, surgeries, etc can also cause hair loss. In this case it should be treated carefully and as early as possible, as hair loss can also be the indication for the arrival of many other major diseases. Hair loss caused due to fungal infections can easily be controlled by topical medicines. Pregnancy is the major cause for hair loss in women.

One simple reason for hair loss whether is be men or women is dandruff. Dandruff extracts the nourishment from the roots of the hair making it weak and loose. They can be treated with good anti dandruff shampoos or prescribed medicines.

Hair loss can also occur due to bad liver. If your internal parts function properly you have the least chance of hair loss. So whatever may be the reason it should be treated as early as possible because healthy and shiny hair is a treasured possession of everyone.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment

In the middle of the many problems that people face every day hair loss is one which needs early attention to prevent. Hair loss is a common problem especially amongst men but also can effect women. There are many solutions that are available also to solve hair loss problem. Among them, laser hair loss treatment is one which many people prefer and are applying to solve their dilemma. So this treatment is gradually becoming very common.

Low Level laser Therapy –LLLT method of hair treatment has for a long time been a preference over some other types of treatment. The laser hair loss treatment has been popular for more than thirty years and is gaining popularity in large numbers after the huge success in Europe. The major advantage of this type of treatment is that you will not get any pain from the treatment and the side effects are not very most important.

You will definitely get benefits from the treatment. If you have tried many treatment methods but have not got the desired result try out laser hair loss treatment. The laser hair loss treatment is done by the help of an exceptional comb. It is better to take professional guidance before you use the treatment method. The comb works with the help of laser technology. First it slowly warms up the scalp and then massages in a very gentle way.

The process emits gentle dye rays while combing is done in a rotating fashion. In this way the process of laser hair loss treatment helps the hair loss problem to a great extent. But the correct wavelength is also important. Slowly the pores get expanded. With the help of the energies that are emitted metabolism and the blood circulation improves.

The Laser hair loss treatment is supported by many scientific researches. It will make the skin of the scalp very healthy and within few days you will find that the volume of hair has become much thick and hair loss will be solved with continued use. Selecting the right type of comb is very important. Don’t waste money on useless combs that will do no good to serve the purpose of laser hair loss treatment.

Building Self Esteem In Elderly Nursing Home Patients

Empathy is something that most folks hear about but never really fully understand. This is what separates us from animals and what makes each human being special. The thought of taking care of sick elderly people will often repulse the most common civilian. This is where compassion comes in. The ability to help even if you cannot accept the circumstance is one instance of compassion. Having sympathy to the plight of others is what makes you human.

Think about it. You’re entering into a win-win situation when you decide to go to a car donation procedure. You are filling up a noble role of helping out others in dire need, while simultaneously you’re helping yourself generate huge savings through the tax break package provided with the car donation transaction. In the event you are planning to donate an aged car, it is time you start the procedure by calling up various charitable institutions of your choice. There are many charities to select from. You may choose by sticking to an advocacy, say assistance for cancer patients or funding aged care nursing homes centers.

There is a huge amount of debate about this subject. Some people draw a direct and causative link between the presence of a particular colour in the environment, and increased healing. This is simply unproven. However, there is little doubt that the presence or absence of certain colours in the environment can have an effect on an individual’s mental wellbeing. The colours that dominate in nature are more likely to find broad appeal than colours like bright yellows, pinks, purples – except as minor accents, which is how they would be found in the natural world.

One of the tragedies of aged care services Melbourne is to see elderly people denied fresh air and sunshine. Rather than giving them tablets for their bones, how about letting them sit in the sun for 15 minutes or so per day so they do not become vitamin D deficient.

People say ‘I wish I knew what I know now, when I was 20, I would have done things differently’. What I say is, ‘you now know what you know, because you were once 20 – so utilise that wisdom and get on with the life you still have ahead of you’. I know I have a lifetime left to live and more knowledge, wisdom and experiences to draw from than ever before… so why is the future anything other than bright. I am set on focussing on what I can do. I refuse to live in fear of aging & death.

Ask the aged person what they used to like doing. Did they like gardening? Or painting? Or maybe sewing. Set up activities that the person is able to take part in and enjoy. You will soon see their Self Esteem boosted.

Doing a regular mopping by using the traditional mop and bucket can waste a lot of water. In fact, one bucket of water is not enough to clean effectively floors. One single pass of an ordinary mop is not enough either to remove efficiently unwanted organisms, grease and oil, mold and mildew that is found on floors.

Why You Ought To Get One Of These Reading That Is Psychic

Psychic strength shows itself as being an useful perception to forecast a conference or have a premonition about it. Some indications of the psychic power of one’s might be experienced in living. A few examples will be the telephone rings and the caller is known by you. Guess what happens before it is spoken someone wants to state. You get a forewarning of any coming motion and it works out to not be incorrect. You get an urge to do anything and it shows beneficial to you. You’ve an atmosphere that you are being aided by an invisible hand from behind the arena. Among the crucial things that we must comprehend is the fact that every living issue that has a consciousness that’s linked to the rest inside the design.

Is psychic Brisbane is all you could try to find? If yes you then are wasting your time and in addition you might find yourself losing your dollars. If not a Cheap Psychic Reading will get all of your questions solved. Alternatively nearly all of reading that is affordable are bogus and you may be converted into among the prey of such psychic network that is untrue. To prevent and keep yourself away from such key try to find seasoned reading service instead of cheap assistance.

There are numerous methods to discover great mediums. In bigger cities all you need to do is push around and they are advertised to the neighborhood. A very important thing to complete is ask some queries if you should choose in this manner. You need to feel just like it’s somebody that you could trust. You trust them like you would your doctor when you find someone.

You begin to create a background that is psychic considerably faster with training that is psychic. You discover ways to give psychic in Brisbane, do remote viewing, and examine cards from someone who has previously done it. You reduce the training curve by months to years and avoid plenty of wasted energy.

You realize the material that is clear is not things you need to hear. Like once they’re caught so many others who turn to psychics for guidance, you need something that can help and enlighten you. You must leap over it when life tosses a problem inside your approach!

That work and travelling nowadays hasn’t just been minimized but has basically been eliminated from the introduction of psychic phone readings. All you’ve got to-do would be to call the psychic, present her or him, the particular particulars and invite him to peek into your daily life.

Like, in case you did not think that it was possible for an individual to consult with spirits then you definitely would not want to see a method, it would be considered a waste of your energy as well as the psychics.

It’s In Order To Take Up Yoga Than You Might Think

One of your best reasons for having it constantly that it has a cardiovascular workout while still giving you the chance employ all of one’s muscles. Ought to best ladies want to stay in shape and also be physically complement. This approach will increase reaction and also can do wonderful benefits for at the very least. You will most likely be able to find gyms that offer this sort of class if you’re experienced and i have taken cheap yoga Melbourne in prior. Those who have not may want to increase stretching and muscle strength initially.

By the time we had reached the final breathing, we had been standing on a soaking towel in shorts that were as wet as only had been sitting within a bath. On the other hand felt strangely euphoric. Standing under an ice cold shower some 10 minutes later I started to feel even best. When I got outside I was feeling yet more regarding beans. I used to buzzing well into the evening numerous of once more. In fact I found going to sleep quite hard and I am now very familiar together with details of my bedroom ceiling.

In reality, there are a non-profit organization named the Boulevard Zen Foundation Incorporated, began yoga studios Melbourne at The Good Shepherd Shelter, a shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

Eating Less Often? Learn to cook more of array or learn to cook, year! Take some classes through The Fig Cooking School, located directly in Hamden. They’ve a regarding classes like “Winter Soups” and “Dinner in 20” and even give the option making your own class on a private party. Although classes are somewhat pricey (approximately $85 each), the skills you shall learn will definitely pay on your way.

There are four to be able to escape isolation. They are called a few substitutes, Usually are sex, food, greed and religion. Each is an attachment to something outside ourselves in order to “fill” the emptiness. How do we know can we be filled when we’re empty? Those substitutes are similar to Band-Aids on the cut. You will see loneliness in churches, meditation halls, yoga and meditation brisbane. People running from your where these in order to become something innovative. That is the indication of emptiness, the running toward and the running as a result of.

This can be a remedy known to work well for back aches. Travel a certified therapist and also will recognize over some time, your back pain will be reduced.