Weight Loss Drugs

As you probably know there are a lot of ways to lose these days. But did you now that you can lose weight using prescription weight loss drugs?

The nice thing about using prescribed drugs is that your doctor is part of your weight loss program. If you know anything about weight loss you know that there is a point in which it can become dangerous. When you work to hard to lose weight fast you can easily lose muscle mass and have bad reactions to your body’s sudden loss of nutrients, and in the future, it can cause you to suffer in the future.

There are a number of ways for weight loss drugs to work. They can block your body from absorbing fats, they can increase brain chemicals to reduce hunger, and they can stimulate your nervous system to increase your heart rate and blood pressure which then decreases your hunger.

One weight loss drug that allows your body to block the absorption of some fats is called Xenical. Xenical works by interfering with lipase function. Lipase is what your body uses to break down the dietary fats that you consume so that it can be absorbed. Using this drug can decrease your body’s fat absorption by as much as 30% or more, depending on your body type.

Next comes weight loss drugs that use brain chemistry. One drug that does this to help you lose weight is called Meridia or sibutramine. The reason it enhances some of your brain’s chemistry is that this can keep you from getting so hungry so often. Logically, if you aren’t as hungry then you will eat less, decreasing your calorie intake, and possibly allowing you to lose weight because you now eat fewer calories then you body burns. You need to watch your blood pressure and heart rate closely while on this drug, and let make sure you doctor knows if there is a dramatic increase.

Next up are drugs that affect your nervous system. The point behind this drug is to increase you heart rate and blood pressure, so you need to make sure that it is absolutely safe for you. If you or your family has a history of heart problems you do not want these. You also need to be careful because some off these are addictive, and long term use of anything that effects your heart and blood pressure like that can be very dangerous. The following drugs fall under this category: Bontril or phendimetrazine tartrate, Desoxyn or methamphetamine, Ionamin and Adipex-P or phentermine.

Always use prescription weight loss drugs with caution, and talk to you doctor about any side effects that you may be suffering from.

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